Putting on your Rookie Konnekt is quick and easy!
In a few simple steps, you can put on your Konnekt Carrier, either on the front or the back.

Watch the video now for the full instructions on how to put the Konnekt on your front and back. 

You can also download the full manual here. 

Instruction Video (Front Wearing)


Instruction Video (Back Wearing)


Instruction Video (New Born Option) 

Important for Newborns

For newborn babies, always use the waist belt. If your baby is younger than four weeks or lighter than 4kg, you should also flip the waist belt inwards twice, as shown in the video from minute 0:00.

The special features of the Rookie Konnekt

The Rookie Konnekt can be worn on the front of the chest or on the back. You can also completely remove the waist belt for older babies or when carrying on the back. This allows you to put your baby on even faster.

Safety instructions

  1. Make sure that your baby's head always looks to the side, i.e. your baby's nose is not pressed against your chest.
  2. Always keep the Velcro clean.
General tips
  1. All Rookies grow with your baby. This means that the baby carrier settings have to be changed if there is a pinch, so when putting on the hip belt, make sure that the carrier sits in the middle (i.e. not shifted to the right/left) and preferably a bit too high, i.e. too low.
  2. The velcro of the hip belt should be completely closed.
  3. Adjust the bar so that it extends from the back of your baby's knee to the back of the knee.
  4. Make sure that your baby's bottom slides slightly into the carrier so that the back of the knees are slightly above the bottom (M shape).
  5. Do not tighten the straps too much. The aim is a slightly rounded back for your baby. Your hand should still be able to reach between your baby's back and the carrier in a relaxed position.
  6. You can adjust the headrest to different sizes by attaching the lower buttons to the upper "button plugs". Usually it is sufficient to close two of the six buttons.
  7. If you carry your baby on your back, make sure that your baby's legs pass through the loops of the shoulder belt when you put it on.
  8. Caution: If the hip belt "sticks out", it is not properly fastened. Fold the Rookie as shown at the beginning of the video.

A few additional tips:

1. Try the carrier when your baby is comfortable. I.e. is not hungry, has a fresh diaper on and has slept well.
2. Gently rock your baby on your chest before adjusting the buckle/buckle straps. This is how your baby slowly gets used to the carrier.
3. Your baby might also be fussing lying near your breast and smelling your milk. You can give them a pacifier at the beginning to calm them down.