Finally: Winter is here and with it comes cozy moments and super cozy family time. We want to have our little treasures with us around the clock, regardless of whether it's snowing outside or the sun is shining. But let's be honest: If it's snowy and slippery outside, then the stroller stays at home. Baby carriers are not only extremely practical at this time of year as they fit in every bag, but also have enormous added value for you and your baby. We have put together the advantages of baby wearing in winter for you and your child:


1. Cuddly warmth: It may be cold in winter, but your baby will be nice and warm when he or she cuddles up to you in the baby carrier. The closeness of your body gives your child a comfortable feeling. Did you know that we regulate our babies' body temperature by wearing them? This means: If the baby is too warm, we cool it with our bodies. If it is too cold for the baby, we warm it with our body temperature. Amazing, right?

2. Strengthening the bond: Carrying in a baby carrier promotes the close bond between you and your baby. Physical closeness strengthens trust and gives your baby a feeling of security - this has a positive effect on his emotional development. And that is especially important during this gloomy time of year!

3. Better breathing: We've all probably had to deal with dry hands and chapped lips in the winter. The air can be sooooo dry and now imagine how sensitive a baby can be to that. With the baby carrier you protect your baby from cold winds, e.g. B. through integrated weather protection, but even without using it, your baby breathes in a more comfortable and humid environment.

4. Improve sleep: Being close to mom, dad, or any other person carrying, and gently rocking while wearing can have a calming effect on the baby. This can lead to improved sleep, which is particularly important in winter when colds and infections are more common.


5. Multitasking & free hands: Would you like to enjoy a hot cocoa or do some Christmas shopping during the cold season? With a baby carrier you have your hands free, but your baby is safely snuggled up to you. This way you can take care of your needs without having to miss out on precious time with your baby.

6. Better parent-child communication: Wearing strengthens parent-child communication. By having our baby very close to us, we can read his needs better. Is my child hungry, cold or warm? Is it tired? All of this is much easier for us to recognize than if we, for example, B. push in front of us in the stroller.

7. Active exercise in winter: It is important to stay active even in the cold months. With a baby carrier you can go for a walk without the winter cold or the stroller getting in the way - a nice way to get some fresh air and keep moving at the same time. Plus, you can go out in any weather and don't have to worry about the stroller getting stuck in the winter chaos or carrying all the dirt into the house through the wheels.

8. Physical well-being in winter: Carrying your baby can be a valuable source of emotional well-being for parents, especially in the dark months. When the days are shorter and darker, close carrying allows for an intimate connection between parent and child. This physical closeness can not only reduce stress, but also create a deep feeling of connection and security. Conscious togetherness creates an emotional warmth that can provide comfort and brighten the mood, especially in the winter cold.

Extra advantage for moms - breastfeeding in the baby carrier: Thanks to the integrated headrest, which can also be used as a privacy and weather protection, you can breastfeed discreetly in the carrier without having to undress in the icy temperatures - on the go , at home or wherever you want to breastfeed your baby.

We agree: Baby carriers create a loving bond between you and your baby and get you both healthy, warm and cozy through the winter! 💙