Apple leather is a real revolution! The sustainable alternative to real leather does not compromise on quality or comfort.


Great quality

The quality of apple leather is impressive. It not only looks like real leather, but it also feels like it. In the same way, the function of apple leather is comparable to original leather: it is weatherproof, windproof and abrasion-resistant. Depending on the thickness and use of the leather, the degree of softness can be adjusted during production. Furthermore, apple leather is easier to wash and retains its high quality for a long time.

Upcycling process from the apple juice industry

The special thing about the production of apple leather is that no new resources have to be used. The production of the leather alternative mainly uses leftovers from the apple juice industry. These residues are first dried in an oven and then processed into a fine powder. The powder is then mixed with a biodegradable plastic and applied to a tear-resistant roll of cotton fabric. For the weather resistance and durability of the apple leather, the roll is heated and pressed.

Good for the environment, good for you

The production of apple leather does not produce any toxic by-products as in the production of real leather. But more importantly, no new resources are used in the production process. This results in a well thought-out upcycling process, resulting in a sustainable and high quality genuine leather alternative.

Our baby carriers with Italian apple leather

We at Rookie attach great importance to sustainable and fair manufacturing of our products. That's why we have used high quality Italian apple leather for the new Rookie Revolution. Not only does it feel great, it's also a real eye-catcher. Besides the Rookie Revolution, made with apple leather shoulder straps, we print our Rookie logos on all our baby carriers on apple leather. Are you curious? Click here to see our products made with sustainable apple leather.