We are so glad you made it this far and stuck through the journey with us! You have finally entered the third trimester - CONGRATULATIONS!

There are a few things you can expect these last months, as you near the end of a challenging yet magical journey! 

We have also added a downloadable checklist for you of the top recommended baby products that most mamas we know needed! 

10 things to expect in the upcoming weeks:

  1. Growing belly: As the baby continues to grow, the belly will become more noticeable and larger.
  2. Increased fatigue: It's common to feel more tired during the third trimester due to the weight of the baby and changes in hormones.
  3. Shortness of breath: As the uterus expands, it can push against the lungs, causing shortness of breath.
  4. Braxton Hicks contractions: These are mild contractions that can occur in the third trimester and may be mistaken for early labor.
  5. Increased fetal movement: As the baby grows, you may notice more frequent and stronger movements.
  6. Swelling: Swelling in the legs, feet, and hands is common in the third trimester.
  7. Back pain: The weight of the baby can cause back pain and discomfort.
  8. Difficulty sleeping: As the belly gets larger, it can be difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position.
  9. Preparing for labor: Many women start preparing for labor by attending childbirth classes and creating a birth plan.
  10. Emotional changes: Hormonal changes can cause mood swings and anxiety about labor and delivery.

We wish you a beautiful last trimester. We know it can get tiring now, but keep pushing through - before you know it, your little angel will be right in your arms!